A torbie hunting a cable Welcome. My name is Jan Kadlec (also known as Řrřola) and I’m a programmer from Prague, Czech Republic. I put my productions, tutorials and rants here, hoping that someone will find them useful.


2010 09 05Difúze placed first at Riverwash 2010 (sad I couldn't attend it).
2010 08 12I'd like to thank Jarrad for his donation.
2010 07 223D fractal enthusiasts rejoice! Boxplorer 1.02 is out.
2010 06 30Řrřolova klávesnice (Řrřola’s keyboard layout) updated to 1.04.
2010 02 13To celebrate 0x8000 hits, I have improved the fast inverse square root (updated on 2010-02-27).
2009 09 07The 256-byte intro Puls placed 1st at Riverwash 2009.
2009 07 31Řrřlog is born! Also, Symetrie got a screensaver version (with source).